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Kim Koi Sushi bar

Photographer-Shai Epstein


The project: involved designing an elegant, yet striking, open space bar, creating the feel of both a lively, harmonious atmosphere and a private room in the middle of a mall.

We designed the bar with clean, open sightlines, where diners face each other and Sushi Chefs take center stage.

Joined by the team from 'Elephant Wood Industry,' we created a wraparound bar that encloses the bustling open kitchen, with emphasis on the rapid, yet personal, customer service. 

KIMKOI was inspired by the colorful noble KOI. The exterior of the bar reflects not only a symbolic reference to a sushi wrap but also the intricate design of scales.

Layer upon layer of metal scales adorn the lower exterior. All are carefully placed to avoid a repetitive pattern.

The clean lines of the bar remain undisturbed as storage beneath the bar provides ample space for food products, rice pots, and beautiful ceramic potteries.

The Ceramic potteries are handmade, by Sivan Ring Ben Mayor from Studio Shino.  Together we selected the size and the shape of the plate, its color, and texture for each individual dish.

The bar design is based on two shapes. A floating square hovers over an oval structure emphasizing tension. Natural materials like iron, aluminum, and brass combine with wood,  leather, and finished granite stone for the counter. The shelves are made from solid oak wood and the light fixtures, custom made by Asaf Weinbroom, and placed over the counter give a gentle light that reinforces the ultimate sense of space.

collaboration with Pazusha.

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