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Gindi TLV

Between a cube and an axis

The new design goal was to maximize natural light and the flow of air while creating an open, versatile space in the spirit of the city.

The apartment was stripped of its inside walls, we had to keep a wide pillar in the living room and a security room that took the form of a cube in the middle of the space. Those two massive elements became the keystone of our design.

plans-gif-maker (4).gif

By exposing the original walls of the safe room, we uncovered a smooth perfect concrete, that was hidden behind drywall. In addition, we raised the height of the apartment by disassembling the floating ceiling. Instead of walls, we designed a wooden complex containing double-sided elements that began in the bedroom and ended in an exposed air conditioning duct above the kitchen island. 

A black iron fireplace was built around the pillar, in the living room, over a stone bench. Next to the fireplace. Around the concrete 'cube' (the security room), we built a meticulous library using refined aluminum structure.

For a final touch, a long light strip was hanged above the island, to emphasizes the axial line of the apartment, and extend the view to the jasmine and lemon herbs that adorn the balcony. 

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