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Picodya Company Offices.

"Picodya" is an R&D company that develops a product that provides medical test results within a few minutes, significantly improving patient care.
The company required "balanced transparency", meaning they wanted to create a space that allowed for privacy while incorporating enough flow to enable constant contact between the company's employees.
The given building, measuring 1100 square meters, serving another company for many years and containing dozens of long, dark rooms and corridors, was converted into an open-plan and energetic workspace. 90 percent of the walls were lowered, huge windows were opened, and the remaining walls were converted into glass.
The entrance to the company begins upon exiting the elevator into an interior lobby featuring a counter that hovers over a vegetation-planted cube. Behind it is a library that continues the feeling of transparency and leads to the datascape, where all the information arrives and is processed. This is the heart of the company and the area from which the rest of the plan is generated. The datascape is surrounded by shared workspace labs and meeting rooms.

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